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Pacific Cellular Supply, Inc.

Company Name:
--Pacific Cellular Supply, Inc.

Company URLs:
Year Established:
Types of products sold:
--Cellular accessories
How many products?:
--over 4,000
Where are you able to drop-ship?:
-- May only ship into USA & Canada
Do you supply images and descriptions for sellers, if so... is there an extra cost for this information or any restrictions on their use?:
--NEW! Free Categorization XML script
at ( http://xml.2buypcs.com/services/pcsdealers.asmx) Requires your
PCS account # and Password Or use CSV tool at
Do you charge a "drop-ship" fee per order, if so... how much?:
-- $2.50 per order.
Do you charge a membership fee, if so... how much? Why should people pay for a membership fee when other companies don't charge one?:
What does a membership with your company include?:
Do you have any restrictions on how your products are sold?:

--May only ship into USA & Canada
What requirements do you have for new accounts?:
--"Download Credit App." On www.PacificCellularSupply.com
Do you offer payment terms, if so... what are they and what are the requirements?:
--Credit Card payment to PCS for Drop-ship accounts
Do you offer email updates of stock changes?:
--NO we offer Real-Time Inventory, most folks place this script in the Check-out page
Do you offer any add-on services on top of the products you offer for drop-shipment, if so... what are they and do they cost extra?:
--No gift wrap. What would you like?
How can orders be placed at your company?:
-- On-line, or automated order processing script
Do you handle customer returns and what type of warranty do you offer?:
--Automated RMA tool is at http://www.2buypcs.com/rma/rma_request.asp
Please give a bit of history about your company and explain to entrepreneurs why they should consider your company for their drop-ship needs.:
-- Largest selection of Wholesale cellular accessories for Drop-shipping in the US, fully automated, What you see is what you get!

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