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Company Name:

Company URLs:
Year Established:
Types of products sold:
--Fine and fashion jewelry. Over 3000 products mostly in sterling silver and gold. Can custom manufacture new products and we add over 50 new items a month.
How many products?:
--Over 3000
Where are you able to drop-ship?:
-- Yes, we dropship anywhere in the world.
Do you supply images and descriptions for sellers, if so... is there an extra cost for this information or any restrictions on their use?:
--Yes clients can copy any images on the site and download our spreadsheet for free.
Do you charge a "drop-ship" fee per order, if so... how much?:
-- No, the dropshiping service is free and automated. All done on the site. It is blind dropshipping so customers never find out our names!
Do you charge a membership fee, if so... how much? Why should people pay for a membership fee when other companies don't charge one?:
-- No our basic service is free and there are no minimum purchases. People can join the power seller club and buy even in quantity of 1 item for a discounted price. They will still get the discount if they purchase in quantity so it is not required to purchase membership to get discounts if they buy in volume but with the membership, they can purchase with the discount at any amount!
What does a membership with your company include?:
--Member services are still evolving but they will receive a free cd of image, they will receive discounted prices with no minimum purchase, etc.
Do you have any restrictions on how your products are sold?:

--No, as long as it is not done through spam.
What requirements do you have for new accounts?:
--Just sign up on the website, it is free and fast. Once they sign up, they can start shopping right away!

Do you offer payment terms, if so... what are they and what are the requirements?:
--No, payment is done at the time of order.
Do you offer email updates of stock changes?:
--Yes we have email alerts for new and for discontinued items, but we seldom discontinue items unless they are part of our liquidation sales items.
Do you offer any add-on services on top of the products you offer for drop-shipment, if so... what are they and do they cost extra?:
--We offer services such as jewelry design, jewelry photographing, etc. More services will be coming as we expanding this sector!
How can orders be placed at your company?:
--On the internet mostly. Telephone or email orders require a $5 processing fee, but if placed on the site there are no extra fees.
Do you handle customer returns and what type of warranty do you offer?:
--We do not have a warrantee all packages are FOB Miami but do we offer shipping insurance in which we would process any damaged good or lost packages for the customer. Once the customer purchases the product it is their's. If they get returned for whatever reason we keep it for them until they resell it or we ship it back to them if they choose to get it shipped to them.
Please give a bit of history about your company and explain to entrepreneurs why they should consider your company for their drop-ship needs.:
-- We have been an internet only company for going more than 5 years. We have over 10,000 registered buyers and we add about 5 more each day. We have customers in over 30 countries. Our automated dropshipping process is quick and easy to do and we take extra precautions that the customer never finds out whom we are. Our customer have the freedom to sell without restrictions and have no minimum purchase requirements so they can purchase after they have effected the sale most of the time! On the internet 5 years is like 20 years in the regular world so we are well entrenched. We offer extra services such as a downloadable datafeed that most do not and we are highly suited for internet businesses although we have many brick and mortar businesses as well that buy from us.


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